January 21, 2010

The best chocolate sheet cake. Ever!

I finally got around to making this and boy was it ever good! I had every pan in the house dirty and had to run to the grocery store in the middle of it. Teach me to check for supplies BEFORE I start. LOL...here is the link to the recipe...the best chocolate sheet cake.....I will be making it again.

The recipe is from the Pioneer Women. The frame is by Cheri Shields from Gotta Pixel and the bow clip is by Mad Scrapper Designs. I got this kit free during one of the blog trains. I need to use it more...its got some super cute stuff in it.
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  1. Yes it's good that's why I never make it any more. I've had this recipe for at least 30 years but we call it Texas sheet cake. Always made it for any kind of bake sales or things that the kids had to take food to.
    Really like that frame. Need to check to see if I have it.

  2. I really think I'd made this a long time ago too and we also called it Texas sheet cake. I'm going to purchase an iron skillet...and try her Rosemary rolls...they look so pretty baked that way. I used to have one (skillet) but tossed it a long time ago cause I hated cleaning it. I'm going to look for a small one so I can just make them for Bill and I.



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