April 23, 2011

Easter Mosaic

These are the Easter baskets that I did for the Grands this year.

Found the tubs a Big Lots and loved the bright colors.
Used the Silhouette to cut the names from vinyl (need to buy black). Also used it to cut out the chick treat bags, carrot candy boxes and gift card holders. I'm going to like the machine but I still have a lot to learn. It's nice not to have to cut all those little shapes out. I haven't made anything for so long that my hands were a little shaky.
Followed the tutorial here for the Easter Oreo Suckers but I needed someone here to hold my hand.....didn't do so good with these but the kids will like them. I would like to practice making more of these. As long as I didn't eat them. To sweet.
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April 22, 2011

Where I've been lately!!!

Just letting you know I'm still here, just been busy as a beaver....my nephew is getting married in June and they wanted me to do the invitations.  They had some pictures taken and uploaded them to me but they were very poor resolution, thus not useable for print so I made a flying trip to St. Joseph on Sat. afternoon and we had a small photo shoot.  I was happy with most of the images...some could have been improved on and I really need to learn how to pose them better but all in all, we come up with some pretty fair stuff...So...here is their invitation as it stands right now. I'm waiting on approval from them before I send the final file to his mom for printing.  She is going to print them at her work place as it will take me way too long.  So...these could change but you get the idea!  LOL

These are a trifold invitation with the top being the outside of the invitation and the bottom one being the inside. I've been looking it over more and I'm thinking I'll change the font of their names on the inside to match the font on the outside.  Will see what they think first!

It's raining cats and dogs today...hope it clears out by tomorrow as I want to do some more painting.  I want to get the second coat on the house before my Spring vacation.  I've got 3 more sides to do!
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April 6, 2011

New Cabinet

I've been needing some more storage in the kitchen so I picked this cabinet up on my last trip to the Ohio Amish country. I love this style of furniture.

Wonder how long I can keep that Ivy alive......LOL.....

Had a hard time getting enough light to snap these. Had the ISO up to 800.
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