April 6, 2011

New Cabinet

I've been needing some more storage in the kitchen so I picked this cabinet up on my last trip to the Ohio Amish country. I love this style of furniture.

Wonder how long I can keep that Ivy alive......LOL.....

Had a hard time getting enough light to snap these. Had the ISO up to 800.
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  1. I love it. I use to have one kinda like this but it had tin panels on the front with a punched design, ended up not going with anything so I sold it. I should have kept it, can never have enough storage. lol

  2. I had one like that we called it a pie safe.
    Brent made the cabinet and I did the tin punch. Used it my shop as a display cabinet and then I had it in the sun room until I got tired of it. Now my daughter has it in her kitchen.....So it's still in the family.

    Thanks for commenting Brenda. It's nice to hear from old friends.

  3. Yep that was what it was called, I also had one that was called a jelly cabinet that was much smaller.
    I love coming here and prowling thru the archives looking and reading. I do not have but spurts of time these days so I do a lot of blog hopping, love seeing what folks are doing these days. I use to have quite a few paper creation type blogs on my Google reader but sadly there are so many that do not exist anymore.

  4. Brenda you come and prowl around as much as you want you are always welcome.

  5. Wonderful!!!! Things are finally back to normal. I don't know what was wrong but its working ok now.

    Love this cabinet! Sorry, its taken so long...the birthday party wore me out, I was super busy on Sunday getting caught back up...cleaned house, mowed yard, cleaned out a few flower beds and went out to the grand opening of our brand new, state of the art hospital. It was really beautiful and something we never thought we would see here in little ole Trenton. Then, with all the problems I was having trying to post, it has taken a few days....damn blogger any way!

    Love the shot! I'm sure you will keep that Ivy growing just fine.

  6. I don't see any signatures this morning.

    We had to wonderful days in the 70's back to rain and cool now.

  7. BTW Nita, is that a real ivy?? It is so perfect I thought it was a silk plant. lol

  8. It's real. Hope I can keep it that way.
    I do better growing things outside.



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