June 20, 2014


Finally got around to doing some photo editing today. Some of these have been on the camera for a month or more. A couple I took today and one of my favorites snaps of Jessi is from last year.

Brent's Dad was here today and I took this shot while we were relaxing out back. This is the same Hibiscus that I had last year and we wintered over in the garage. When we brought it out for the summer it didn't have a leaf on it but it's now covered with blooms. Wonder if I can keep it until next year.

A snap of the pink Impatiens that I have in the middle of my table out back. I think they are so pretty.
Love the shade of pink but I don't like the mess they make on my table. Have to wash it off every time I go out to enjoy a cup of coffee.

I have been trying to get some good shots of the Grands that I can have printed and framed but it's hard to find time anymore. They are so busy with school, track, football, band, flag practice, (learning to drive) and just life in general that's hard to find a few minutes to spare there Grammy and her camera.

This was taken of Jess last summer at the beach and it's my favorite of her.

I got this one of Jason a couple of weeks ago when they came for a visit.

This one was snapped in May on our trip to Canaan Valley. Is it just me or does he look a little like Jimmy Dean......or maybe it's just that cool look he has going.

This is the way he normally looks. Phone in hand and smile on face.

A snap of a Brook Trout that Neal caught in Canaan .....yes my son bites his nails but the trout is pretty.
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June 19, 2014

In Bloom

Am I lucky or what?  This beautiful flower bench was made by my multi-talented daughter-in-law.  We spent last weekend up there for Amanda's dance recital and I got to bring an early Christmas present home with me....Love, Love, Love it!

This is made out of a twin size bed and she even thought to put a mesh bottom in it for drainage.  It's covered on the inside with heavy burlap that will be replaceable as needed.  I can't thank her enough!
I'm thinking she could sell a ton of these!

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June 6, 2014


I started to post this the other day and than didn't. Wasn't pleased with the image the wind was blowing just enough and I had my 70-300 lens on and I can't hold it still.......results image not as sharp as I would like. But I liked the colors.
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June 5, 2014

Those poor Boxwoods are showing signs of life again!

I finally got around and trimmed these completely back.  As you can see, there is signs of green and each day, they get more and more little leaves on them.  I'm hoping by July to have them covered back in greenery but I'm sure they won't look as lush as they once were for a year or two.  I'm just glad to see the greenery on them...I so hated to see them die out.  They make a spray that you can apply before winter that will protect the leaves from the dry, cold winds.  I just might have to do some investigating and buy some before next winter. 

And just a shot of one of my pretty flower pots.  We had a 60% chance of huge hail and high winds on Tuesday night so I spent about an hour and a half moving all my pots inside the garage and covering the ones I could not move.  Luckily, we only got a bit of wind with some much needed rainfall.  It's cloudy here today and we have chances of rain now through Saturday.  The insurance adjuster was here for the house...ended up with around $29,000.00 in damages.  Not sure when we will get the new roof on...I've signed with a company but have not got a start date as of yet.  

Miss you!
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