July 28, 2010

Dunn Ranch

I came across this beautiful view on Monday but didn't have a camera with me. I was such in love with it that I took the a700 on the road with me on Tues. Luck was with me by the time I got there around 2:00 with the clouds that had moved in. It was a bit on the breezy side and I didn't have a tripod but I like the shot anyway. It's dawned on me that I've stopped shooting because, in my head, it should be tack sharp and the sky conditions perfect and no wind and the right time of the day, etc, etc, etc....and I'm missing all these beautiful flowers that God is blessing us with. So....I forgot about all the technique requirements and just shot to my hearts content. It isn't perfect but its a great memory of a beautiful view that you only see once a year.

This is Prairie Blazingstar (Liatris pycnostachya) and is growing in Harrison County at the Dunn Ranch. The ranch is home to acres of native grasses that are thousands of years old. The ground has never been plowed so the grasses have never been turned under. In the Spring of the year, you can see the huge piles of ant hills. These ants are believed to also be thousands of years old. They burn it all off about every year or so to control the weed and the ants survive it all. According to their information, the only thing that will kill ants would be plowing of their homes and since this ground has never been plowed, the ants have survived. It's a beautiful site right now with all the native flowers. I'd like to get up there early in the morning to capture images of it when its still and the dew is still on. It's acres of Queen Anne's Lace as far as the eye can see. Plus every sunflower you can image. Awesome!

BTW....how are you getting your images so large? I've tried everything and they still come in small and have to be clicked on to see them larger.
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July 27, 2010

Paper Lanterns

Found these paper lanterns at the craft store the other day and knew they would be a good prop for a snap. Of course I had to lay down flat on my back to get the angle I wanted but I think it was worth it. I know my neighbors think I'm nuts and they are right.
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July 19, 2010

Graceful Curl

Spotted this graceful curl on the Cucumber vine today that the storm didn't get last night. Took me about 20 minutes to capture a good enough snap to post. It's a little breeze here today.
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July 17, 2010

Simply White

If it weren't for these beautiful flowers, this summer could be wrote off as the worse season of the year. I was outside for 2 hours this morning and came in as wet as if I'd jumped in a pool. I wanted to do a bunch of deadheading of my flowers but couldn't stand it any longer. I've got to get out and mow pretty soon and I'm dreading that. I don't know why it has to be SOOOOOO humid! The temp was only about 75 degrees but it felt like 100.

This is one of my newest Hosta plants. I planted it about 2 years ago and it is huge this year and for the first time, it put out these very pretty blooms. I don't usually care for the blooms on the Hosta but I really love this one. This are about 3 inches across and remind me of a day lily bloom. I wish I'd kept the tag that came with it cause I don't know what it is called but I'd love to have some more of them. Just might have to do some dividing of it next Spring. I've got plans for a border planting all along my privacy fence. Right now I've just got some hanging pots on the fence and a couple pots in a wagon . I want to do bright colors there...going to see if I can get those Fiesta plantings going to hang off the fence and then add some bright colored garden art...like bright blue bird baths and such. Then add some colorful day lilies below all of it.

So many plans, so little time!
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July 15, 2010

Tiger Swallowtail Snaps

Spotted this fluttering around outside the sunroom windows yesterday while I was doing dishes. Of course I had to stop and grab my camera and try to get a few snaps. I used the tripod on the first one but I couldn't keep track of all that fluttering around quick enough so went hand holding on the second one. Was using the 70 - 300 and I have so much trouble holding it still, I sway all over the place.
It makes me feel a little drunk.
They aren't perfect if you look to close but I like how they turned out.
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July 11, 2010


I have been playing around with this effect for the last couple of days. It's to hot to do much outside except to water everthing to keep it alive. Didn't have any images to work with so I just took one of my old ones from the blog to use. I have used so many filters and different blending modes I will never remember how to do it again. Not sure if I like or not but it might be nice framed.
Wish I would get my PC back with all of my stuff still on it.
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July 6, 2010

More snaps from around the yard

Found this cute little fellow on a cone flower out back. It had an iridescent color but it didn't show up that way in the image.

Here's looking at you. He can look all he wants, just don't sting me.

This toad has made a home for himself in my pot of thyme just outside the back door.

Had these for dinner last night straight from the garden. So good......Love all the fresh produce from the garden but stuffs my frig.
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July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

I'm not sure this is exactly what I took out to capture but its what I ended up with. I wanted something with red/white/blue but I was too lazy to move anything around. I think I'm one very lazy photographer. I just want to take the camera out and shoot what is there..not stage it. Not that I don't like staged images...I LOVE them but I'm too lazy to do it myself. So....I had put this flag in the pot and decided to use this as my Independence Day image but the blooms were a bit ragged and the colors were a bit off so I did some playing and came up with this...thus, my title of Faded Glory. It's starting to look very stormy here...so figure the fireworks may be in trouble. I was hoping it would hold off till after they were done shooting.

Have 4th of July to all of you! Remember all our guys and gals in the service...pray that they will return to us, safe and sound.
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