July 17, 2010

Simply White

If it weren't for these beautiful flowers, this summer could be wrote off as the worse season of the year. I was outside for 2 hours this morning and came in as wet as if I'd jumped in a pool. I wanted to do a bunch of deadheading of my flowers but couldn't stand it any longer. I've got to get out and mow pretty soon and I'm dreading that. I don't know why it has to be SOOOOOO humid! The temp was only about 75 degrees but it felt like 100.

This is one of my newest Hosta plants. I planted it about 2 years ago and it is huge this year and for the first time, it put out these very pretty blooms. I don't usually care for the blooms on the Hosta but I really love this one. This are about 3 inches across and remind me of a day lily bloom. I wish I'd kept the tag that came with it cause I don't know what it is called but I'd love to have some more of them. Just might have to do some dividing of it next Spring. I've got plans for a border planting all along my privacy fence. Right now I've just got some hanging pots on the fence and a couple pots in a wagon . I want to do bright colors there...going to see if I can get those Fiesta plantings going to hang off the fence and then add some bright colored garden art...like bright blue bird baths and such. Then add some colorful day lilies below all of it.

So many plans, so little time!
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  1. It's 88° here today and the humidity is awful. I was only out for a few minutes and it's enough for me. We've had a good bit of rain the last few days so I don't have to get out and water but Brent needs to mow later.

    This is a great image. I would never have guessed that it was a Hosta bloom. I don't care for Hosta blooms either and have already cut mine off but I think I would have to keep this one too. What color are the leaves of the plant???
    Nice work at showing how white the bloom is.

  2. Well, I got that lawn all mowed and then I grabbed the water hose.....LOL....I can play in water all day long. It keeps me cool! I moved everything out of the new shed and washed the floor and then gave everything a bath before I put it all back in. Both lawn mowers, golf card, 4-wheeler and 3-wheeler. Even gave the JD a coat of wax! LOL...I didn't get done until 9:00 pm. I've got sunburned ears, feet and shoulders....Bill was working yesterday, thus the reason for me to mow all the lawn. He worked 14 hours and you would have thought he had slaved forever..LOL...I know for a fact, that I worked harder and longer than he did and I wasn't getting paid. All he was doing was making sure the custom crews did their job properly and did that by sitting in his AC truck with the radio on. He's acted like he was completely done in all day! I did laundry, fixed chicken spaghetti, swept the decks all off and the kitchen and laundry room floor, fertilized plants and ran the vacuum sweeper. I could work circles around him....LOL

    The Hosta plant is solid green and the leaves are about the size of a desert plate. The whole plant is about 3 feet around and 2 feet tall. I sure wish I knew what it was called.

    BTW...my Calandiva is blooming again! I guess it was a good choice for my hot porch after all. I noticed last week that it had new little buds on it so I picked all the old dead blooms off and now its full of fresh new little yellow blooms.

  3. Will it made me tired just reading all you did.
    You need to slow down girl....I know.....it's not your style.
    All I did yesterday was normal stuff like shower,hair,make bed etc.... Then ran to the store to get some grated cheese for a squash casserole got that made and in the oven. Then watched it hail for at least 20 minutes. Took casserole out of the oven and went to our sorority cook out that was about 15 minutes down the road where they had no rain. We had about 3 inches,strong wind + the hail. Corn flattened and a tree down in my neighbors yard so lots of clean up this morning.



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