July 15, 2010

Tiger Swallowtail Snaps

Spotted this fluttering around outside the sunroom windows yesterday while I was doing dishes. Of course I had to stop and grab my camera and try to get a few snaps. I used the tripod on the first one but I couldn't keep track of all that fluttering around quick enough so went hand holding on the second one. Was using the 70 - 300 and I have so much trouble holding it still, I sway all over the place.
It makes me feel a little drunk.
They aren't perfect if you look to close but I like how they turned out.
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  1. These are wonderful shots, Nita. I can't ever seem to catch them with their wings open....about the time I press the shutter they close them up. This is one thing I'm so looking forward to doing during retirement...just dropping whatever I'm doing and grabbing the camera.

  2. Thanks.
    How much longer before retirement?????



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