July 6, 2010

More snaps from around the yard

Found this cute little fellow on a cone flower out back. It had an iridescent color but it didn't show up that way in the image.

Here's looking at you. He can look all he wants, just don't sting me.

This toad has made a home for himself in my pot of thyme just outside the back door.

Had these for dinner last night straight from the garden. So good......Love all the fresh produce from the garden but stuffs my frig.
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  1. Hummmm....I'll have to comment on the green beans first. They look so good! Jerri Ann picked some out of her garden on Mon. I'm hoping to find some at a farmers market.

    That is one strange looking bug....do you know what it is? I don't believe I've ever seen anything like it.

    The Cone flowers are SO beautiful right now! All our rain has really made them grow and bloom. I think I must have lost my Razzmatazz cone flower. I haven't seen any of those wonderful blooms on any of my plants down by the mailbox. I've got pink, white, yellow, and orange and I did have a lime green one but can't find it this year either. I'm wondering if they aren't reverting back to plain cone flower. I love the DOF in that image with the pretty pink behind the bloom.

    My toad has taken up residency in the BBQ grill...gives me heart failure every time I take the cover off of it...LOL

    Great captures!

  2. Thanks glad you like my snaps.
    The green beans were delicious and we are going to have a lot more.
    No, I have no idea what kind of bug it is.

  3. Wonderful photographs. I love the beans, such an unusual subject.



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