July 11, 2010


I have been playing around with this effect for the last couple of days. It's to hot to do much outside except to water everthing to keep it alive. Didn't have any images to work with so I just took one of my old ones from the blog to use. I have used so many filters and different blending modes I will never remember how to do it again. Not sure if I like or not but it might be nice framed.
Wish I would get my PC back with all of my stuff still on it.
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  1. I LOVE this! Wow....it took my breath away! I definitely think you need to frame this....

  2. Thanks glad you like it.
    I may have a frame around here and I'm pretty sure I even have some watercolor paper to print it on.

  3. thats cool. just started using photoshop myself as i like to take the odd picture or two. I only have a simple point and click camera right now. Does the job. Did you teach yourself design and photography or have you been on a course

  4. Thanks Bluespirit. I have taken one on line photography class from Proud Photography but the design and photoshop has all been self taught but it is something that I really enjoy.



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