March 29, 2012

Spring Tulips and Grape Hyacinth

Needed to take a break from all the party stuff so cut these out of the garden and took a shot.


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March 20, 2012

Spring Beauty

A quick snap of the Spring Beauty (Claytonia Virinia) a wildflower that pops up in my yard every spring. Love the sweet little flower but the leaves look like an ugly weed.
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March 14, 2012

Birthday Cards

Now this is the card I envisioned in my head when I made this purchase from Katie Pertiet almost a year ago.

Gavin and I are having a blast this week....can't wait to show you the great project we did yesterday but have to wait till I can take pictures of it up in his room. Hopefully by next week, some time.


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March 9, 2012

Spring Tulips

Picked this vase,tulips and grass up on my last trip to the Amish Country in Ohio. Love them....So pretty and the don't have to be watered and they last forever. They look so real everyone has to feel them to check. I think they are made out of some kind of rubber material and they have just a hint of odor. I have them setting on the corner of my kitchen counter as you come in from the sun room. Every time Brent would walk into
the kitchen he would say "I smell something that smells like it's getting hot and he would look all around and check the furnace vent and any candles that I have around even went downstairs in the basement and couldn't find anything. Finally he smelled the tulips.....LOL....and that is what he was smelling. Lucky me I can't smell them. One good thing about a snuffy nose. Anyway I love them and he will just have to put up with them until I put them away until next spring.
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March 6, 2012

Anniversary Card for a super couple

My dear friend and blog partner celebrated their anniversary this past weekend and this is the card I made and sent to them.  In a day when so many couples never make it to their 5th anniversary, I feel so blessed to be able to celebrate this day with them.  I'm not real sure but I'm guessing this is their 47th year.  Right, Nita? I admire and look up to those folks who 'stick' it out for the duration.  My folks just recently celebrated their 65th and if my father in law was still alive, they would be celebrating their 75th.  Me and Bill, we aren't that far along...only our 33rd this year.

I cased this card....Van Laar Designs I used paper from Tracy Ann Digital Art.  The Chevron
background paper is from her Nikki paper collection and the rest is from her Kim paper collection. I designed the whole card in CS4, using a brush I bought for the butterflies but again, I have no information as to where the brush came from. If anyone recognizes it, I'd love to give credit.  Next I turned all the layers off except for the rounded squares and printed those out on Neehah classic linen cardstock.  Then I turned those layers off and printed off the butterflies.  The sentiment is printed on some plain inkjet paper and then just cut in a rectangle with banner cut ends.  Everything is attached to the front with glue dots but one rounded square is added with more dimension with a double layer of glue dots. The buttons were in my button stash and added with glue dots and the white ribbon was tied through the purple button.  The butterflies were blinged with a glue pen and then glittered sprinkled on the glue.  I added a few small rhinestones on the body of the big butterfly and the antenna is black embroidery thread with a knot tied at the ends.  The small butterfly was covered more with glue and glitter and the antenna is just draw on the background with a black pen.
Thank you to Heidi for sharing her card that gave me the inspiration to make mine.  Without the talent of these super talented ladies, my cards would be pretty plain Jane.


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