March 14, 2012

Birthday Cards

Now this is the card I envisioned in my head when I made this purchase from Katie Pertiet almost a year ago.

Gavin and I are having a blast this week....can't wait to show you the great project we did yesterday but have to wait till I can take pictures of it up in his room. Hopefully by next week, some time.


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  1. Love both of the cards. I think they are gorgeous and I'm sure your Mom would love either one of these but the butterflies looks more like a Mom card. Beautiful work!!!!
    When is your Mom's birthday? Vickie's is today.

    I will have to say and I hope it doesn't hurt your feelings but I really have trouble reading the tutorials. The lines and text all runs together.
    Maybe use one liners or bigger font. I find that I can't follow what you are doing because it's to hard for my old eyes anyway.

    I'm glad you and Gavin are having a good time. My time with Zach hasn't been so good. Sent him to school Monday and had to go get him in a couple of hours. He threw up 3 times at school and all over my bathroom here. Glad I had the new floor down it was easier to clean that than taking the carpet up and washing. Was sick off and on all night Monday a little on Tuesday and then again at 2:30 this morning. Jodi just went ahead and came home this afternoon and if he isn't better tomorrow will take him to the Dr.
    Hope Brent and I don't get it.

    I'm working on a project too but it may be awhile before I unveil it. If ever.....LOL

  2. Mary these are both beautiful. I love the vibrant butterfly on the second card. It really makes it all pop. The doily on the first one is one of my favorite types of embellishment these days. Great job.



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