March 6, 2012

Anniversary Card for a super couple

My dear friend and blog partner celebrated their anniversary this past weekend and this is the card I made and sent to them.  In a day when so many couples never make it to their 5th anniversary, I feel so blessed to be able to celebrate this day with them.  I'm not real sure but I'm guessing this is their 47th year.  Right, Nita? I admire and look up to those folks who 'stick' it out for the duration.  My folks just recently celebrated their 65th and if my father in law was still alive, they would be celebrating their 75th.  Me and Bill, we aren't that far along...only our 33rd this year.

I cased this card....Van Laar Designs I used paper from Tracy Ann Digital Art.  The Chevron
background paper is from her Nikki paper collection and the rest is from her Kim paper collection. I designed the whole card in CS4, using a brush I bought for the butterflies but again, I have no information as to where the brush came from. If anyone recognizes it, I'd love to give credit.  Next I turned all the layers off except for the rounded squares and printed those out on Neehah classic linen cardstock.  Then I turned those layers off and printed off the butterflies.  The sentiment is printed on some plain inkjet paper and then just cut in a rectangle with banner cut ends.  Everything is attached to the front with glue dots but one rounded square is added with more dimension with a double layer of glue dots. The buttons were in my button stash and added with glue dots and the white ribbon was tied through the purple button.  The butterflies were blinged with a glue pen and then glittered sprinkled on the glue.  I added a few small rhinestones on the body of the big butterfly and the antenna is black embroidery thread with a knot tied at the ends.  The small butterfly was covered more with glue and glitter and the antenna is just draw on the background with a black pen.
Thank you to Heidi for sharing her card that gave me the inspiration to make mine.  Without the talent of these super talented ladies, my cards would be pretty plain Jane.


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  1. I made a comment two hours ago what happened to it I don't know.
    Thanks for the beautiful card Mary. It was lovely and I was so surprised.

  2. This is beautiful. They must have loved this. I am a big purple/blue fan so this is right up my alley. You are so good with that digital paper. I forgot to tell you the other day when you asked how I send my cards that are "fluffy". If my card has a depth to it I use packing tape and tape the envelope. That way it doesn't rip the card in the mail. A nightmare for the recipient sometimes but it is safe then. I also have gotten a lot of cards that are folded with the card front to the inside. That protects it too. HOpe that helps.

    1. Thank you, Dawn...She did love it and was surprised that I sent it to her. I really like using the digital craft room is so small that storage is an issue. Plus, I can match a color I want pretty easy by just searching the digital sites.

      Thanks for the information on shipping. I did add a piece of heavy cardstock to the envelope on the back side of the card and a piece of bubble wrap on the top. She said it arrived fine except for a bit of wear on the envelope. I know you can pay extra to have it hand stamped and then it doesn't go through the stamping machines but it still has to be handled and since I worked in the package delivery business, I know how packages can be handled a bit roughly at times. I'd like to find a box supply source that would make the boxes to fit the cards...such as 5 x 7 and 3 1/2 x 4 7/8. I never feel like the postage is too high if I've spent hours on making the card...the extra postage is important to me.



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