February 24, 2012

Second post today....I'm on a roll...

edited to add:  I was wrong...this is NOT cross stitch, it is embroidery.  I don't know one stitch from the other...LOL....I do but just wasn't thinking on this one.

Some days I just have more to post then others...LOL...now I'll go a week or two with nothing!  This is the cross stitch my mother did years ago...I wish the saying would have been in cross stitch too but I can't change that!  She had it in just an old metal frame and my sister wanted it.  I brought it home to frame and mat and really like how this turned out.  It was originally a red-ish stain colored frame with a cream mat.  I painted the mat with a foam brush and a mix of Barn Red & Nutmeg brown craft paint.  I was going for a match for the barn and came close...I think I needed to add a bit more of the red.  Took 3 coats to cover it nicely.  Then I spray painted the frame (no sanding but probably should have) with a cream colored satin.  Gave it three coats and then let it dry completely.  After drying, I lightly sanded some of the paint off so the stain would show through. Next, I wiped on some Antique Glaze that I bought from Lowes, let it dry a bit and then wiped some of it off.

Because of the barn setting, I was going for a rustic kind of look  that would highlight the scene.   The only thing I would change would be the glass...in my opinion, it would look much nicer if the glass were non-glare but this is the glass that came in the frame and I wasn't wanting to spend any money.  All I had to purchase was the cream spray paint as I didn't have any except for gloss and I knew I did not want it shiny.
So, she will have to replace the glass...LOL

I hope she likes it...I know I do!

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  1. Looks very nice I'm sure you Mother is going to very pleased with all your work.

    Your Mother does very neat work.

    "wish the saying would have been in cross stitch too" So is this stamped cross stitch and not counted?

  2. Forgot to add.....I think you are getting into this retirement just fine.

  3. I'm guessing it was a kit so stamped cross stitch? Maybe? I don't know...lol. Looking at it closer, it is stamped cross stitch...she said it was the first she had ever done and did it when she was a young girl. She does beautiful counted cross stitch now. I just don't have the patience to sit there that long.

    Yep, retirement is coming easier now....if I'd just get the two weeks vacation they owe me, I'd be alot happier. I got paid for 5 weeks and I'm entitled to 7, so they have shorted me 2 weeks. My boss is looking in to it but its taking him forever...I'm wondering just how much he is trying! Just might be contacting the union by this time next week if I've not heard anything.

    Thank you!

  4. Mary this is so great. I love that you repurposed this treasure. I love love love that your mom did this. I lost my mom years ago and she too used to stitch. I have several of her creations. Great job on this.

  5. Thanks, Dawn....she (my sister) loved it and had already figured out a place to hang it. I was mistaken about the stitch through...(I'm not my mothers daughter in this instance cause I don't know one stitch from the other!) it is embroidery instead of cross stitch. My mom will be 84 in a couple weeks and I treasure the fact that I've had her so long...dad will be 85 in May. I am blessed to have my parents when so many have lost theirs.



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