February 15, 2012

Remodeling going on

Getting some remodeling done around here and it's long over due. Having all the rooms in the house painted and that includes the garage and the sunroom ceiling. They finished the new floor in the bathroom and installed a new toilet on Saturday. I'm also having a tile backsplash put back in the kitchen. I took the old one done when we put in the new kitchen 20years ago and I've been sorry every since.
I have always done all the painting (with Brent's help) around here and I just can't get down and crawl around like a kid anymore. Brent hates to paint as much as I do. So we said no more we will gladly pay someone that likes to do that kind of work. I always make a mess anyway.
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  1. Wow...you are in a mess....but it will be great when its done. I want to do some stuff around here but going to wait another year...want to get my truck paid off first. Bill's bathroom will be the first thing redone...it was the first room to get remodeled when we moved in 28 years ago and its needing it really, really badly. Then I want to tile the kitchen floor. What I really want to do is jack up the great room and add a basement underneath but that probably will never happen.

  2. It will be nice when it's all done but I'm getting tired of having people in my house all the time. I like to run around in my nightgown and cup of coffee in the half the morning.



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