February 7, 2012

February Subway Art

Here's my February Subway Art. Better late than never. Feel free to grab it if you want. Enjoy!

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  1. LOL....not as late as Kristen's is...it just now (along with January) went out in the mail. She might have it by Sat. I made the kids Valentine card's and just added money. The shipping is getting too high to send much of anything so I've got to where I just do the money route. I'll post the cards this evening...I thought they turned out really cute. I'm off to my walk!

  2. Hi Nita,

    This is wonderful - thanks so much for your subway art - is it ok for me to use on some of my cards? I do sell them at a local soap store. So glad I found your blog.

    Thanks for visiting my blog too!

    ~ Barb

  3. Hi Barb,
    Glad you stopped by and it's fine to use my subway art on your cards.
    Glad you like it.



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