February 17, 2012

Making Dishwasher Detergent

A while back, I came across a recipe to make your own dishwasher detergent and decided to give it a try.  So now I'm going to give my opinion on this recipe.  It called for Borax, Arm & Hammer Washing Soda, Kosher Salt and Citric Acid. I found that it didn't clean my dishes as well as my Cascade does and it sticks together really bad.  I shake it every day but it still forms a solid block.  I'm sure the Citric Acid is the reason it sticks together, so I added some rice to it this morning to see if it will absorb some of the moisture.  I'll let you know how that works but in my mind, I'll probably go back to Cascade and just add some Borax and Soda to it to make it go further.

Just saving someone the trouble of making this recipe and being disappointed like I was. The Citric Acid is not cheap...I gave 3.99 for a small salt shaker size bottle.  I'm thinking I could buy a lot of Cascade for that price....LOL

This reminds me of the time I searched and searched for a way to remove the water spots off  Bill's shower doors.  I tried everything imaginable and it did finally come off but only after my hands were raw!  LOL....I'd read these reviews about how it worked like magic and give that a try and it would only slightly fade the spots. Then I'd read another product and give that a try...I really think I added so many chemicals to the doors that it just ran away....LOL

What I've found to get it off now is simply changing the soap that he uses...instead of bar soap, he now uses liquid soap and the soap scrum and water spots are now a thing of the past or at least minimal. Hopefully, next year, we will get that bathroom remodeled and the doors will be new, bright and spot free!
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