February 9, 2012

Valentine's for the Grands

I had trouble with this one at first...just couldn't get a layout  I liked.  Finally just tossed all the elements on the top of the card and liked how they laid.  LOL...sometimes my creativity comes in strange ways.  I had so much fun, really, with all these cards.  They were just fun to make up.  Now, if I knew how to use all my machines better, they would come together a lot easier.  I broke the Grand Calibur and its same as new...didn't realize you couldn't use the CuttleBug emboss folders without a special plate.  I called the company and they will repair it for $25.00 plus the cost of my shipping.  Guess that is better than paying out another $140 for a new machine. 

This one just went together like butter on bread.  I realized, as I was trying to figure out how to run my scanner, that the machine was over 15 years old.  Still works like a charm.  Scanned the dictionary page with the Valentine wording and added it to the heart.  BTW...most all of these papers are from Paper Trey Ink....the Kraft is my favorite stock. 

And last but not least....the little man's card. The puppy is a Kate Hatfield element.  I just love this gals stuff....and I cut it all out 5 times, cutting different sections off as I went and layered it together with pop dots.  I think Jack will love his little puppy.

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  1. These are all adorable. I guess I may have to learn how to do some of this stuff....How did you do the stitching? What did you use to cut the hearts and the cute puppy with?
    Great work Mary your Grands are going to treasure these.

  2. Thank you, Nita....they were so much fun to put together. I was suppose to be working on a birthday card but nothing was coming together and I got tired of thinking about it and the next thing I knew, I'd switched to Valentines. I worked on the big heart one first. I was just playing with cutting a heart with the Cricut...had the Plantin School cartridge in the machine. I could have done this same thing with SCAL by drawing my own heart but I was taking the quick route. Since I'm a graduate of procrastination school.....I had to make these fast...LOL

    I just wrote a pretty plain tutorial and going to post it on the blog. Hope I make sense of all I wrote.

  3. Cute cute cards! Love them all but think the puppy is my fav. Love the tutorials too!

  4. Thanks Bren....I still love doing cards..especially since the grands are getting a bit too big now for my little creations. This is the last year to make stuff for Gavin's class...he moves to middle school next year and they don't have holiday parties...boohoo

  5. These are all beautiful. These were a lot of work with all those tutorials. I love the puppy card. I have a soft spot for doggies. Your grandkids are so lucky to have you. My son moves to MS next year too and he said this will be his last Valentines day party. Time goes so fast. Great job.

  6. Oh, doesn't it? I can't believe I'm going to have a teenage granddaughter in May....seems like only yesterday we would driving to Chicago to see her cute little baby face.

    I just printed off IPhone labels that I purchased from Peppermint Creative for Gavin's classmates. There are 20 in the class and I procrastinated too long to get anything more done but I'm sure they will all love them anyway...as long as there is candy involved, they are happy.

    Thanks, Dawn...not nearly as nice as your cards are but I was happy with what I did. And yes, that puppy card is my favorite too. I really didn't have any plans to layer him on the card until after I had printed him off first and it just seemed like such a cute graphic to layer up.



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