February 20, 2012

I'm SO ready for Spring

And its been a super nice winter but I'm ready to see some green grass and some lovely color.  I was on my walk last week and had my camera.....its so sad passing by my neighborhood greenhouse...it looks completely neglected.  Its not, of course; if you go further back on the property you can see the beginnings of Spring in the greenhouses.  I noticed yesterday that they have moved the hanging pots to the front greenhouse.  You can't see the plants in them yet but you can see the pots.  I'm going to have to remember to take my camera with me so I can document their progress.  I'm sure we will be seeing color on them soon.

Kind of looks like they just locked up and went south for the winter, doesn't it?  It won't be long now and the tables will be full and the carts in business!

And this is the only color I could find on my walk....

Bring on SPRING!!

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  1. I ready for spring too!

    My Crocus are blooming and the honey bees are after them like crazy. The tulips are up an inch or so. So spring is on it's way.

    I've had a few windows open....would rather be cold than smell paint. He's painting the sunroom ceiling now and then will move on to the kitchen then the garage. I think my spring housecleaning will be done. All the closets are even done.

  2. Just saw your pin on pinterest and had to laugh.
    I found an old dictionary at the second had store just last week. I printed out a knife,fork and spoon and I love it. Need to get it framed. I just checked and I only have one chair need to look for the other one. I have crowns, keys, bird nests,perfume bottles and tea pots. I also downloaded a dictionary page to print that is on pinterest so I haven't used my dictionary yet. I have an old dictionary that I've had for years just hated to use it but I like the loook of the print so may start tearing pages out.

  3. First comment...I've not had any windows open but we had a few days last week when I opened the back door and aired the house out. BTW...I do not know the brand of the paint that my mother bought for me to paint her house but it is AWESOME paint. It covered wonderfully in one coat and there was absolutely NO paint smell...none.. nada...everyone that came in the house said there was no way we had painted. I couldn't believe it..I was expecting to have to open windows down there but we didn't have to. When I go back next week, I'll double check to see the brand. It wasn't too expensive either...28.00 a gallon, I believe mom said. And it didn't splatter either...usually when I use a roller, I have paint specks on my hands but I had none. I really liked that paint! I usually use Benjamin Moore but its really expensive and it stinks!

    I just got back from going out to check the junk stores in town but none of them were open...guess they took the holiday. I don't have any old dictionaries and yes, I downloaded that page too...LOL....I've been trying to figure out what I want to put on my wall when I get the grands pictures framed (in the awesome frames that my SIL made me). I had been thinking about skeleton keys in a long frame and when I saw this printed frame, I knew it would look great with it all too. Now....I've got to dig in my old frames downstairs and see what I come up with to use. I was going to do some checking on The Graphic Fairy for some vintage clip art. She has some nice stuff.
    Sure wish my spring cleaning was done and my walls were all nicely painted, especially the ceilings. I don't mind doing walls, hate doing ceilings!!!



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