February 7, 2012

Calendar 2012

I decided to post the calendar that Nita and I made up together.  Nita made the Jan, Feb, March, April, June & Oct. and I made the rest.  They were made from various kits.  And yes, January is 2013...LOL...I procrastinated too long and just now got this all finished up and going to give to my daughter this afternoon.  This way I had till next Feb. to get next years done...LOL...thank you SO much Nita for giving me a hand and for making the awesome calendar dates template.  It worked like a charm.  I can't wait to get started on next years.  Maybe take a month each month and then it won't be so intimidating next year.  This is a large calendar, each top and calendar is on separate 11 x 8.5, so finished it measures 11 x 17.  I'm going to downsize each page for me...my space on the wall is too small for this size.  The rest of the calendar is in the next post. If anyone wants to know which kits we used, just leave a comment below....

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  1. WoW these look good and I still have blisters....LOL
    Glad we got them done for you to print even if they were late. Have a great lunch today.

  2. Just got back home...had a nice lunch and a great visit with her. In our busy lives, we see so little of each other, that it was really great to have the hour of just us two. Hopefully, we will get together more since I've retired and will feel like doing dinners more.

    I really loved the bottoms of the calendars too...they all looked so nice together. I'm kind of anxious to get started on next years now.

    She loved it! Also got Jan. and Feb subway art printed off for her. I had forgot about it until she was here and brought up the fact that I DID have January in my frame....LOL.....told her to put Jan. in behind Feb and she'd have it for next year...I store mine in my frame.



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