January 26, 2012

Valentine Garland

I like to have my hands busy while I watch TV, it keeps me from stuffing something in my mouth and keeps me on my diet. Wich I've had a hard time getting back on since Christmas.

This is a heart garland that I crocheted for Valentine's Day.

Got the free pattern from link

I like how the red hearts looks against the green plant and yes this is the same plant in this post.
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  1. Lovely!!!!! See, there is something else I want to learn how to do...even bought a crochet hook to learn with but had forgot about it...wonder if I can find it again? LOL....

    Love that red and green combination! Your plant is surviving wonderfully.

  2. Thanks. I should have posted a full length shot the ivy hangs almost to the floor. Moved it outside last summer and back into the sun room for the winter. The kitchen doesn't get enough light. Have it in the corner on the outside wall so it gets plenty of light. As long as I don't forget the water....LOL

    Get that hook and some yarn out....I can help!

  3. I've got to find the dang thing first....LOL
    And I'd love to see a full shot of that ivy...I love growing ivy outside but have never attempted it indoors. I don't have the best light in my house and no sun room...boohoo...

  4. Get to looking for it.

    I thing about the sun room that you wouldn't like is that you dust it twice a day and still
    see dust.

  5. Hey Nita, I like this one



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