January 5, 2012

Forcing Bulbs

I couldn't resist picking one of these up at Wally World the other day...they had them for 3.33.  Just wish I'd got them a bit earlier...would have loved to seen them come to life.  I expect mine will be blooming in the next day or two...just on the verge of opening up.  I'll have to share a shot of the roots....so pretty.  I thought it was a neat contrast between the January subway art and the new growth...I need to take another shot and make the wording of the art plainer but I loved this shot of the bulb.

I hope this finds you feeling a lot better...I'm starting to worry since I've not heard a peep all week.  I'm almost finished with my woman gift for Christmas this weekend.  Just need to let the last coat of varnish dry and then add the hook and knobs.  I think it turned out great and makes me want to pick my own gift...Jerri Ann says I can't...boo hoo!  Guess I'll just have to make one for myself someday.  I'll post an image of it when its done.

They are giving me a retirement party at work tonight....I don't really want to go but guess since its for me, I"d better.  So far...I'm enjoying retirement immensely!

Sat. morning we leave for my folks for Christmas and then I'm staying down for a few more days to get in some quality time with my mom.  Should be home either Thurs. or Friday.  I'm taking the laptop with me but they don't have internet service so won't be on any.  Just thought I might get some organizing done while mom naps. Plus, I want to print off some of her recipes.  I'd love to make a recipe book of her recipes to give to the family.

Need to get off my butt and get out for my walk...60 degrees outside!  Yippee.

Ok...had to share the roots....I love them....


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  1. Is this an Amaryllis? Love the little vase really shows those roots off. These are great shots Mary. Nice work.

    Yes, I'm finally feeling better....not my old self but better. That has been the worse cold I have ever had.

    You deserve a party after all those years of hard work. Have fun.

    Hope you have a wonderful time at your family Christmas. Looking forward to seeing what you made.

    I haven't started taking my Christmas down yet and not sure I feel up to it today. Maybe a little. I'm supposed to meet a friend for lunch tomorrow and some shopping hope I can make it.

  2. Nope, it's hyacinth. This was exactly how they came...sitting in these vases full of water...funny story, I put the vase on the cashier counter with a few other things I'd bought. The cashier scanned the other stuff and before I could get the words out of my mouth, she grabbed the vase and tipped it sideways to scan the tag....rotflmbo...water went every where! Had to fill the vase back up with water out of the drinking fountain. Too funny...you should have seen the look on her face..priceless!

    Thank you and I'm so glad you are feeling better...remember that dang old cold I got just before Thanksgiving that took me out of commission for almost a week...you probably got the same thing. I'd never been so sick for so long...without throwing up or diarrhea. Just one heck of a bad head cold and an elephant sitting on my chest. Took almost 3 weeks before I felt like my old self again.



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