January 23, 2012

27 Years

Just a shot of my gifts from 27 years at big Brown.  I also got a set of glasses, a stadium chair and a black vest. The package car is a replica of the car I drove for 13 years on the Chillicothe metro route.
All this came from my center manager except for the plaque and it came from UPS.  Today, I got a letter giving me a code to order a retirement gift from the company.  I can't decide what I want...too many gifts to select from. I'm shooting for maybe the Kindle...I've been wanting one but I also love their jewelry too. Most all of my safe driving rewards were jewelry. My center manager fixed hotdogs on the grill with chips and a huge cake and then he had this one made up so I would have one to bring home.  I have to admit, I was impressed with how much he did for me...the last few drivers haven't received hardly more than a hand shake. Maybe if he had came along a year ago, I'd still be working...I was starting to like him but I couldn't stand the guy before him and I had filed the application when he was there. I'm still on the fence about this retirement stuff....I don't miss the rough ride or roads but I do miss getting out and seeing all my customers. Maybe when the weather straightens up I'll be happier. Right now, I'm just kind of bored stiff!

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  1. Nice pile of gifts and that cake looks so good.
    I still miss talking to people and it's been 15 years since I worked. (outside of the home.LOL)

    Maybe you could do some volunteer work.

    When summer comes you will be so glad you don't have to work everyday.

  2. This is all so sweet. I bet you will find things to do in no time. That is a wonderful accomplishment. Congratulations and enjoy. Life is short in the big scheme of things and I find the more I give of my time the happier I am. Sorry it has been so long since I visited...take time now to do all things you love.

  3. Thanks, Nita....I'm just feeling down in the dumps but I'm sure if the weather starts improving a bit, I'll feel better and be glad I called it quits. The sun is shining today, no wind and about 40, so I'm going to head outside for a long walk with my camera.
    I still have lots I could be doing...calendar for Jerri Ann, window topper for Gavin, sort and edit pictures...you name it, I've got it to do...just can't get it started. LOL

  4. Thank you, Dawn...I think that is my problem right now...I need to give more of my time.

  5. Don't let yourself get down.
    I always look for a way to occupy my mind. I guess I get bored easy. So I try to find something to make. Most of the time it's on the PC because that doesn't make a mess.

    Now you can get Bill's meals on the table at a normal time. He will love that and you.

  6. Yes, he does love that...last night we had supper and was done and the kitchen cleaned up by 5:15. Tonight is taco night and I'm getting ready to fix it right now. I was going to fix the Creamy Broccoli Cheddar soup but he frowned on it this morning. But...I am fixing it before long.

    He is off for the rest of the week. He kind of irritates me when he does this...he has 3 days left and he has to have them taken by the first of Feb. I don't get that...why doesn't he use them before? He does it every year and takes them around this time. You'd think he would want them in better weather...oh, well, guess they are his days! LOL

  7. We had salad for dinner.

    Went out and bought an Ipad 2 this evening.
    Hope we can figure out how to use it.



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