January 23, 2012

Window Top shelf

After spending the week down to mom's, I completely forgot about posting this.  This is the shelf I made for the woman's gift at our Christmas party.  My older sister got it first but it got stolen by my niece-in-law pretty fast.  She is expecting twin girls in April and stated that it would match perfect with the deco she was doing for their rooms.  Now to get some made for Jerri Ann and I. I have a couple more window tops.  I'm not sure where I would put mine or if I would do it in the white or black...I'm thinking black to go with my four black frames that Randy made for me almost 2 years ago...still don't have them up on the walls yet.  I hope to get them up this winter.  Just need to locate some good photos of the grands to put in them.  I'm thinking more of a warmer color for Jerri Ann's as her house is in warm fallish colors.

Anyway, this started out as the top of a window from my brother-in-laws old 2-story house.  I did nothing more to it except cut it down in length...about 4 inches off each end and then added some brads to hold the trim on the top a little more sturdy.  Striped off the varnish and sanded it good all over.  Painted it with some white paint I had on hand and then sanded the edges and a few other places to give it a worn look.  Then added some antiquing glaze on top.  We drilled holes and added the door knobs from my house.  My house has the original glass knobs in the bedrooms but the two doors off the old kitchen were junked out when we added the bathroom.  I saved the knobs and 15 years later, I found a use for them...LOL...the black hook was bought from Lowes and I sanded it a bit to tone down some of the newness.  Added the bottle that I decorated with chain, an old skeleton key and a charm and some ribbon.  My first thoughts were to add a bottle that you could add water and flowers in but decided I liked this idea better.  The hardest part was figuring out how to hang it and I ended up taking it down to my BIL's and he used his router to made keyholes on the back. I hope it hangs straight...haven't heard from John or Leslie.

Won't this look cute with some pretty little pink girl clothes hanging off those knobs?

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  1. This is going to look pretty with just about anything hanging on it.
    Nice work....I love it. Very nice way to give old objects new life.

  2. Thank you....you know, I should have displayed this a lot nicer before I took the photo but I was in a hurry...had to get it wrapped and packed up to leave. When I get the other ones made, I'll do a better job of showcasing it...I hope...



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