February 16, 2012

Man Birthday Card

Just finished this up in the nick of time again.....birthday is tomorrow but I want to give it to him tonight at Gavin's ballgame.  I saw  this card on Pinterest and liked the ruler idea and decided to use it on my card. The red circles designate his age...wonder if he'll get that?  Hum....

All the paper is digital that I printed off, except for the solid brown and that was in my paper stash.  Let's see...the dotted background paper is by Kim Hill in her Memory Lane Paper Pack. The blue stripe is by Gina Cabrera from her Shabby Prince kit and the numbers paper is by her also, from her Book Bag kit. The ruler was from the kit called A Guy Thing but I have no information with it as to who made the kit or where I got it.  The printed paper behind the sentiment is by Meryl Bartho from her As Time Goes By kit. 

This card is a 5 x 7 top fold that I made out of some 11 x 17 inch cardstock I've had for ages. It's not real heavy so makes it great for layering up without giving the card too much bulk. I glued the dotted paper to the front of my card and then just added the blue stripe on top of that. The numbers paper was inked on the edges and the brown cardstock was distressed using my scissors and then glued together and then mounted on the blue layer.  The ruler was printed out 5 times and then cut and all glued together to give it a real ruler feel.  Then I cut o's on the Cricut, glued two together to thicken them and the added to the ruler with glue dots. I had the starburst circle in my  Scrapping Table files and cut it with SCAL on my Cricut.  I then cut a circle to fit over that and printed the sentiment like I did before where I printed it off on my cardstock, cut a circle with scrap paper on the Cricut and then 'slid' the printed stock under the circle on the mat and did a re-cut...I know this doesn't make sense and no, I forgot to take pictures.  Just need to do this someday to show you how I do it.  Ok, back to the card.....I then inked up the circle and the starburst and used dimensionals to attach the two together and then used more dimensional's to add the sentiment tag to the front of the card.  I then printed out "Celebrating" onto some more of the cream cardstock and just cut it out by hand and made it look like a banner by tail cutting the ends. I curled it a bit with a pencil and then attached it to the tag with one glue dot on the end that was laying down.  Added some brown buttons and that's it....printed a saying on cream colored typing paper and glued to the inside. 

Now, I've got to get busy on a girl card....her's is tomorrow too but it might be a bit late...

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  1. Great looking card. It's a lucky guy that's going to get it.
    I like seeing that you can use digital files. I have a ton of it and didn't have a clue were to start buying real paper.

    Nice work!

  2. Forgot to ask.....Do you make your envelpes for this size card or do you buy them?

  3. Thank you...I don't know if my son-in-law liked the card or not...the ballgame was still going on when I left, so I just put it in his pickup. I'm sure he liked the money inside...LOL.

    This is what I meant about printing out my paper kits...just so I have them in front of me when I'm trying to come up with a layout. Just makes it easier for me...some folks do all the card work in Photoshop like they were doing a digital card and then just turn the eye off layers as they print. This way, the actual print layer is already the size they need and they just cut it out.

    I forgot to mention in my instructions that I print all my paper on Neehah Classic linen cardstock. It's nice and heavy and not too expensive. If I'm using solid paper, that is when I use the PaperTrey Ink paper...just love the weight of that paper for card bases but it only comes in 8.5 x 11 so you can't make a 5 x 7 top fold out of it. You can make a side fold but you need 14 inches to make a top fold and that is when I pulled out the tabloid size stock. My tabloid stock is not heavy enough to use as just a plain card but once you start putting paper layers on it, it strengthens it up nicely. I could have printed directly to it for the inside but that meant my back layer was a bit too weak to hold the card up on its own. So...I printed the inside sentiment on parchment paper and glued it to the inside...gave it just enough of the strength that it needed.

    I used to get envelopes from the card lady that put out the Hallmark cards in the stores and I still have some from her but I started buying my envelopes back when I made the invitations for Jerri Ann's wedding and I liked them so well that I bought two boxes and they will last me for quite some time. I'll have to do some research as to where I bought them. I know I've bought from Neehah because some of them have column stripes on them that matched the invitations but not sure where I bought the other box. When I made the invitations, I had to have two sizes of envelopes so they would fit inside each other like a professional invite would. So, one of them is just a tad bit smaller than the other one but they both still work for the 5 x 7 cards. When I make the A2 size, I just buy the envy's at Wal-Mart.

  4. I too love the ruler idea. What a great way to use digital paper. I need to try it because we have very few paper stores here. Love this.

    1. Thank you, Dawn...I don't have much paper or stamps...but I have lots of digital kits I've purchased and I like to use them. They print so nice on the Neehah paper. I usually print on both sides of the cardstock with two different papers. Then I can use either side or both. I'm 100 miles away any type of paper store other than our local Wal-mart and their selection is pretty poor. So, digital is the only way that is convenient for me. I love the digital stamps too.



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