February 10, 2012

Tutorial for Puppy Card

And now to the fun card....isn't this puppy adorable.
I bought this kit from Kate Hatfield and its called My Kinda Dog.  It has 16 different dogs and I can see it being used a bunch more times for the little men in our family. This cutie is called ScruffyCross.

The base of the card is cut out of 8 ½ x 11 Perfect Match Pure Poppy Cardstock by PaperTrey Ink.  It was cut at 5.5 inches and then scored at 4.25. The extra card was filed for future use. I then used Neehah Solar White Linen for the card front and it was cut at 5.25 x 4.  My grey dots paper is from Shabby Princess but I can't remember exactly which kit it is from. I desaturated the color to get this grey dotted paper and then just hand cut it into triangle banners.  I used red embroidery floss and just wrapped it around the corner of the white card front at the top, left hand corner.  Adhered it to the back with scotch tape. I then added the banners with glue dots. This didn't work out quite as good as I thought it might but I just felt like the front needed something besides the puppy.

Ok, now to the puppy.  The puppy is cut at the size of the element. I did not shrink or enlarge it. According to the file size, it is 3.45 x 4.597.  I placed 4 puppies on each sheet of cardstock and printed them out twice.  I know, I could have saved some stock here but I first thought I'd only cut it 4 times but decided on 5 times in the end.  When I printed my second sheet, I just printed one copy of the puppy. Now, I started cutting. I cut by hand and the first puppy was cut fully. The second puppy was cut all but the tail...meaning I cut the tail off and threw it away. On the third cut, I cut off the back legs.  Are you still with me?  LOL...on the 4th cut, I cut only the ears and head.  Now, once I got to this point, I decided I wanted the nose to stand out and the ears, so I cut just the nose and ears out of the 5th printing.  Once I had them all cut out (I must have liked cutting stuff as a kid cause I still love to do it) I started layering them.  The whole puppy is the bottom layer and the layer without a tail is adhered to the bottom layer with small pop dots.  You want to add dimension but not lots so I use the smallest dots...probably only 1/8 inch thick or smaller.  Adhere the third layer, which is the one without any back legs. The 4th layer is only his face and ears and the last layer is the ears and nose. Still with me? I curled the tail a bit with my fingers to 'fluff' it up and then I added Crystal Lacquer to his nose to give it a wet,puppy dog look.

The whole puppy was adhered to the card front with a glue runner and then the red heart (cut on the Cricut at 2 inches from Perfect Match Pure Poppy cardstock from PaperTrey Ink). was attached under his mouth with a glue dot. I added the sentiment and the stitching to the heart with my white gel pen and then used a fine black marker to add the stitching around the card front, skipping where the banner ran along the edge.

I hope this explains it all but if not, just post a comment and I'll try and answer better. 
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  1. Wow....didn't mean to make you write all of this....LOL... Next time you will have to take pictures of all your steps.
    I have this one read now to get a cup of coffee and read the other 2. Thanks for sharing all of this.

  2. ROTFLMBO....if you knew the steps I take to make a card, you wouldn't have suggested pictures....LOL....I don't think they make memory cards big enough!!

    You're welcome!



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