February 22, 2012

Belated Birthday

Remember the card I said I needed to make for a friend?  Well, as you can see it is late...really late.  Her birthday was last Friday and I'm just now getting it in the mail box.

I have had these little bird dies for a long time.  I was buying paper from PaperTrey Ink and needed just a bit more to hit my free shipping.  I'd been seeing these little guys on cards and fell in love with them.  With a bit of shapes, I'm sure I could have created them on the Cricut but this is so much easier...LOL..just a turn of the crank on the Cuttlebug and they were cut.  You get 4 sizes on the die and they all cut at once but they are so tiny, it doesn't take much paper and now I have more birds to use on another card.

I would like to say I 'cased' this card but truthfully, it was a copy...I just don't do good at designing but I know what I like when I see it.  The original card was made by Elena from just Me.  Her birthday card was on time...lol.

I had these 6.5 x 3.5 size envelopes and wanted to use them, so this card is a 6.25 x 3.25 size.  I used the kraft PaperTrey Ink cardstock for the base, the white banner is just some I had in stash.  I rounded the corners of the banner with my Corner Chomper and then hand stitched with my black pen...I print better than I sew...LOL.  The ribbon is some brown twill I picked up at Wal-Mart and the birds are made out of colored cardstock that I bought there as well.  I die cut the birds and used the next to the biggest size for the body and the smallest bird, I cut the tail off and used for the wing. I used a brown colored pencil to outline the bird ( I need to practice this more) and a black colored pencil to make the eye.  The font used for the saying was AL Featherbrain and Plantagenet Cherokee.  I glued the banner on with double stick tape, used Scor Tape to attach the ribbon after I tied a knot in the end and cut it off even with the edge of the card.  The bird wings are attached with tiny dimensionals and then attached to the banner with mini glue dots.  The birthday hat I hand cut and then used green/black colored pencil to add the decoration and it was attached with another mini glue dot.  The inside of the card says, " ...unfortunately, he told me late. Hope it was happy!"  I printed it on some cream copy paper and attached with double stick tape to the inside.  Again...I forgot to add my logo on the back and now its too late.  I'm thinking I could use a logo stamp... I just added feet with my black micron pen.  They needed to be grounded!

Hope the remodeling is coming along nicely...I miss you!

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  1. Great looking card. You are making me want to do this. Love the little birds.

    I think they are going to start in the kitchen tomorrow. It's all supposed to be done by next Friday. I'm getting tired of having someone in the house all the time.

    Just finished and printed the March subway art. May post it tomorrow if I get it in the frame.

  2. Thanks...all I can take credit for was assembling it but that takes some talent...I think....doesn't it? LOL

    I'm glad you got the March done...I was wondering what in the world you would put on it so I'm anxious to see it. If you get it posted tomorrow, I'll print it off and get Jerri Ann her copy on Sat. and Kristen's sent in the mail. It will surprise both of them if they have March on time...LOL

    I've got another card done today and will post tomorrow. It's my own design and I don't like it as well but all I could think of. I'm not good at looking at a blank card and some colored paper and seeing it as together. Even when I print off the paper, I'm afraid to cut it...LOL. I do need to do my designing in PS first.

    I picked up an old Dictionary today but its not yellowed like I would like it to be so will have to age it as I use it. Or scan it in and print on antique looking paper. I also got me some skeleton keys today. I'm going to put them in a frame with text behind them, I think, or maybe burlap; got to get it in front of my face first...LOL...then I'll add the dictionary/vintage art frames and the keys to my 4 new black frames with the grands. Once I get it all done and on the wall, I might have to add some more (large space) but will see at that point. The place where I got the dictionary had some awesome books of sheet music...dated 1909. Unfortunately,there were 7 books in the set and he wouldn't break it up...50.00 for the set is a bit too steep for me to use as decoration...LOL
    but it was nicely aged and would be perfect for framing. Oh, well.



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