February 23, 2012

March Subway Art

Here's my March Subway Art. Just click and copy.

Would you believe I got up this morning with a sore thrroat and a cold. Feel nasty.

For the shamrock bouquet I copied Rebecca's adorable bouquet link. I used some digital scrapbook paper from One little bird at Oscraps and Digital Design Essentials. Added the words used in my subway art to one of the papers and the green is just a green fill. Printed each of these out as a 4 x 4 square and cut the shamrock shape out on the silhouette machine. Turned out pretty cute (I think) just wish I could have found those fantastic green doors that Rebecca used as a backdrop for her St. Patrick's Day banner. Love them!

Think I will save the scraps of paper after cutting the shamrock's. Maybe I can find something to do with them. 

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  1. Looks great and I love the bouquet.....see, you can use those digital kits for a lot of things....just think of them as store bought paper that you have to print out first....
    Ok, I checked your Pinterest....I can see you've done a lot more organizing in there then I have...need to organize my card board. I couldn't find any information on Rebecca...who is she and what bouquet are you talking about?

  2. Forgot to add...I save all my cutouts and little scraps of paper...never know when they just might come in handy...especially the small scraps! I had saved some red 2 x 8 pieces I had cut off when making the Santa card and used them on Gavin's Christmas treats this year. I'm so lazy....I really need to get the Silhouette out and set up.

  3. NEVER MIND....finally found the link for Rebecca...we need to change the color of the link..it doesn't show up good enough. Course, we were suppose to rework the blog too....so much to do, so little time...ROTFLMBO.

  4. Thanks.....I just changed the link to red. Of course it was red on the preview.

    Don't you just love those green doors?

    I made some backgrounds this week while the painter was here. Needed to stay out of his way.
    He has the kitchen and garage walls to do and his done.

  5. Much better...shows up real plain now. Yes, I LOVE the green doors! Glad you are about done...I bet every thing is starting to look nice and bright.



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