March 9, 2012

Spring Tulips

Picked this vase,tulips and grass up on my last trip to the Amish Country in Ohio. Love them....So pretty and the don't have to be watered and they last forever. They look so real everyone has to feel them to check. I think they are made out of some kind of rubber material and they have just a hint of odor. I have them setting on the corner of my kitchen counter as you come in from the sun room. Every time Brent would walk into
the kitchen he would say "I smell something that smells like it's getting hot and he would look all around and check the furnace vent and any candles that I have around even went downstairs in the basement and couldn't find anything. Finally he smelled the tulips.....LOL....and that is what he was smelling. Lucky me I can't smell them. One good thing about a snuffy nose. Anyway I love them and he will just have to put up with them until I put them away until next spring.
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  1. Beautiful....they sure look real on this that vase too! I cleaned out a few flower beds today and raked up the leaves on the backside of the privacy fence. I'm going to stain it this Spring and wanted it ready for staining. We usually mow one strip on the backside but don't do real good at keeping the leaves picked up. I should but my neighbor on the backside of the fence doesn't do a very good job of keeping her property well tended (thus the fence) so I don't put out much effort either. I did clean up all the leaves and sticks on some of her side too so it looks much better but I'm sure it won't stay.
    I want to see real tulips in the beds. I have a few buds on the daffodils but still no tulips. Its suppose to be above 60 all next week (Gavin will be here on Spring break) so I'm sure things will start blooming then.
    Worked up a card yesterday...suppose to be for mom's birthday but its not quite girly enough for her....going to save it for someone else and make her another one.

  2. Thanks.
    Glad you got to do some outside work.

    You Mom will love any card you make for her.



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