June 5, 2014

Those poor Boxwoods are showing signs of life again!

I finally got around and trimmed these completely back.  As you can see, there is signs of green and each day, they get more and more little leaves on them.  I'm hoping by July to have them covered back in greenery but I'm sure they won't look as lush as they once were for a year or two.  I'm just glad to see the greenery on them...I so hated to see them die out.  They make a spray that you can apply before winter that will protect the leaves from the dry, cold winds.  I just might have to do some investigating and buy some before next winter. 

And just a shot of one of my pretty flower pots.  We had a 60% chance of huge hail and high winds on Tuesday night so I spent about an hour and a half moving all my pots inside the garage and covering the ones I could not move.  Luckily, we only got a bit of wind with some much needed rainfall.  It's cloudy here today and we have chances of rain now through Saturday.  The insurance adjuster was here for the house...ended up with around $29,000.00 in damages.  Not sure when we will get the new roof on...I've signed with a company but have not got a start date as of yet.  

Miss you!
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  1. Maybe by next year it will be back to normal.Wow 29,000.00 is a lot of damage glad you can get it fixed and just as glad you didn't get any more in this last storm. Your flowers look lovely.
    We have one bush we thought was dead but it's coming back.

  2. So far, I've lost no bushes at all...even my azalea is coming back to life after pruning it back. The only one that is struggling is the burning bush that I transplanted in the fall of 2012 and then completely forgot about it in the drought of 2013 until it was almost dead....it only has a couple green branches on it. I can't blame the winter on it as it was completely due to my forgetfulness! All the flowers that got 'deadheaded' by the hail are coming back with gusto! I've always been a firm believer in deadheading my flowers when I pot them up but I don't usually go to the extreme that the hail did but after seeing how lush they are coming back in to, I just might do a more severe deadheading next Spring when I pot them up again!

    I think my amount of damage will rise as the Roofing company was here and accessed the damage and they found more then the adjuster did. They work with my insurance on the repairs so they will be reporting the additional damage. I've got two windows that will have to come completely out of the wall to be replaced plus one entry door and one garage door. All the guttering and the roofs on 4 buildings. Just the bill for the roof replacement is over $18,000. I guess I have too much roof! LOL



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