June 20, 2014


Finally got around to doing some photo editing today. Some of these have been on the camera for a month or more. A couple I took today and one of my favorites snaps of Jessi is from last year.

Brent's Dad was here today and I took this shot while we were relaxing out back. This is the same Hibiscus that I had last year and we wintered over in the garage. When we brought it out for the summer it didn't have a leaf on it but it's now covered with blooms. Wonder if I can keep it until next year.

A snap of the pink Impatiens that I have in the middle of my table out back. I think they are so pretty.
Love the shade of pink but I don't like the mess they make on my table. Have to wash it off every time I go out to enjoy a cup of coffee.

I have been trying to get some good shots of the Grands that I can have printed and framed but it's hard to find time anymore. They are so busy with school, track, football, band, flag practice, (learning to drive) and just life in general that's hard to find a few minutes to spare there Grammy and her camera.

This was taken of Jess last summer at the beach and it's my favorite of her.

I got this one of Jason a couple of weeks ago when they came for a visit.

This one was snapped in May on our trip to Canaan Valley. Is it just me or does he look a little like Jimmy Dean......or maybe it's just that cool look he has going.

This is the way he normally looks. Phone in hand and smile on face.

A snap of a Brook Trout that Neal caught in Canaan .....yes my son bites his nails but the trout is pretty.
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  1. I'm so sorry I've taken so long to see this...they are all awesome photos...love the hibiscus one with the bokeh in the background. And I love impatients too but they are messing...same way as my Geraniums...they are messing too. But, I still plant them.

    The grands are really growing up! I can't believe how grown up Zack looks. And he is SO handsome! I love that lift of his eyebrows.

    I've not even been on the computer for almost two weeks. Just check in to facebook and pinterest on the Ipad at night when I finally sit down to watch a hour of TV before going to bed. I'm slowly making it around all the flower beds. I think every singe maple, elm and oak that dropped their seeds has produced a tree....I finished up the privacy fence (finally) with flowers all the way down the 200 feet of it and mulched all of it...did put a little river rock in a couple places and then finished a flower bed in front of the shop. Gavin has been here all week and was great help outside but he has a friend here now so his help ended on Wed. They don't hardly come out of the house...too busy with their noses in the Ipad. LOL...

    Love all your shots! I hope to get my camera out soon....when I finally get the last of the yard work done. I've got two more beds to go! I think I'll cut the trees down...LOL...not!

    Keep those beautiful images coming...I love seeing them!

  2. Forgot to add..you can save that Hibiscus forever...as long as you remember to give it a bit of water during the winter time...ask me how I know this? I saved one for about 6 years and then, one winter...completely forgot it was in the basement and deprived it of all water...it died...dead...completely unrecoverable! I actually cried...it was like losing a pet!

  3. I read about all of your flower bed work in a e-mail to the group so I knew you were busy as always.

    Thanks I'm glad you like the snaps.....I'm trying to get the camera out more it's a pretty big investment to have just setting around gathering dust.
    The Hibiscus I was practicing my manual focus and used the tripod and remote cable. I liked how it came out.

    Have fun with Gavin.



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