April 23, 2011

Easter Mosaic

These are the Easter baskets that I did for the Grands this year.

Found the tubs a Big Lots and loved the bright colors.
Used the Silhouette to cut the names from vinyl (need to buy black). Also used it to cut out the chick treat bags, carrot candy boxes and gift card holders. I'm going to like the machine but I still have a lot to learn. It's nice not to have to cut all those little shapes out. I haven't made anything for so long that my hands were a little shaky.
Followed the tutorial here for the Easter Oreo Suckers but I needed someone here to hold my hand.....didn't do so good with these but the kids will like them. I would like to practice making more of these. As long as I didn't eat them. To sweet.
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  1. Wow, Nita, you did good!!! I thought you would really like your machine once you learned how to use it. I do like mine, just need more time to play on it. I didn't make anything for the grands this year...all store bought. Gave Gavin money and chocolate and sent the girls little garden bags I picked up at Wally World with little pots of seeds for them to pot up and grow. Then filled the rest of the bags with candy. They've already potted them up and sent me pictures of them. They are going to keep me posted as to the progress.
    I got a bit more of the house painted yesterday...still a long way to go before its done but it started looking really rainy so had to call it quits. Did some weeding and mowed the yard.

  2. Thanks I had fun. It's amazing what these machine can do.
    Do you have to paint your house every year?

  3. No...remember I painted it late, late last fall and only got one coat on it before the weather turned really bad. I'm giving it the second coat now....just need the weather to cooperate more! It's looking really good too...the second coat is really enhancing the color. I hope to not have to paint the house again....its suppose to last 25 years and I'm thinking I'll be too old then...LOL....course, I'm sure I'll get tired of the color before then...the reason I went with cement siding instead of vinyl.... It's cloudy right now and rain suppose to be here by noon. I need to get outside and do some more weedy. I can't believe how weedy everything is. I don't remember a Spring when the weeds were this bad.

  4. Forgot...are you having family in for Easter? Also forgot to say Happy Easter to you!

  5. It seems like you have been painting your house forever. I hate to paint!! We don't have anything outside to paint anymore and I will pay someone to do it on the inside.

    Kids and Grands will all be here but we are going to my sisters for dinner and then back here for egg hunt. I have to make a hash brown potato casserole for dinner.

    You have a Happy Easter too.
    Don't work to hard.

    We need to figure out a time and place to meet when you are in VA.

  6. This will be the third paint job I've did on it in 27 years. I really like painting if I'm changing the color. I just don't like to paint the same color over again. I hate painting ceilings so they don't get done as often as they should and I don't really like painting the trim but I do it cause no one else will...LOL. I want to remove the wall paper in my bathroom and Bill's bathroom and just add paint but don't like striping paper so don't figure that will get done any time soon...LOL..Bill's bathroom really needs done but he needs a new shower too and a new sink and flooring and...you get the idea! It needs a whole new remodel!
    We had a beautiful Easter! It was suppose to rain all day but we have had sunshine all day. It kind of makes me mad cause I could have painted a lot more yesterday but was afraid too because it has to have 24 hours of drying time before it can be rained on. I should have just went ahead and painted. I could have got another whole side done and that would have got me over half way done. I did get some more weeding done in the shrub border. Still have plenty to do but at least it looks a lot better. I love this time of year when all the new growth is nice, small, neat and green. I especially like the hosta at this beginning stage when they are just beginning to unfold.
    Hope you had a great day too!



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