April 1, 2012

More Spring snaps

A few April 1st snaps from around the yard . What gorgeous weather we've been having. Love it every thing is so pretty,new and green.
1. Maple twisty (very small) 2. Creeping Phlox  3. Candytuft

Going to be out of town a few days.
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  1. Well, this comment is only 15 days late...LOL....has been super hectic around here for the past 3 weeks. The birthday party was great, will post images before long. We got home at 10 PM on Sat. night. I jumped up Sunday morning, cleaned a little house, did some laundry and Bill and I were on the mowers by 10:00. Got the mowing done around 2 and then came in and packed and showered and was on the road to mom's by 3:30. Just came home late Friday night to rest and do laundry and mow and then going to head back down to mom's on Monday night or Tuesday morning. Dad had hip replacement and is still in the hospital for therapy and should be released soon. I will probably be gone for the next week and a half and then will be home to go to my BIL's for our annual flower shopping. I doubt if I buy many flowers as I'll probably be headed back down to mom's to help her take care of Dad until he gets more mobile. Whew....my life needs to SLLLLLLOOOOOWWWW down!
    Love this collage...the 'snaps' are great, very professional!

  2. It's hard when life is so hectic that it's hard to find 5 minutes to spare.
    Glad the birthday party went great.

    Glad you liked my post.



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