August 19, 2014

Our Wonderful Crew

Oh, how we have grown!  We had a super time in Wisconsin and a wonderful 10 days with the grands this summer...we even got a family picture for a change!

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  1. A great looking crew. You all look so nice in aqua. Love it.
    Did you have someone take this or use the timer?
    We use the timer on one at the beach and Brent didn't set it right and had to run back and forth several times and I got to laughing at him and
    had my nose all wrinkled up like a good ball. But it's nice to have a group shot.

    1. This one was a impromptu one.....We had just finished taking our HUGE group reunion photos and everyone headed for the swing. I took advantage of it and got my cousin to take the shot. I do have a couple more but haven't worked them over yet. On those I used the timer and just got in the picture. But, it was kind of windy so our hair is blowing around. I picked the color so we would all look alike at the reunion to define us from the rest of the group. Why aqua? Just a color I happen to like at the moment...LOL


  2. You all look great! Hard to believe that's Gavin! Wow they all grow up so darn quick! I agree with Nita you all look great in the aqua.



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