January 22, 2009

Post 260

This is a shot of the only snowman I still have out. I saw a layout the other day (someplace?) with these little squares cut out and placed in a heart shape and I thought it was a cute idea so had to give it a try. Everthing is from Digital Design Essential except the frame and I did that.
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  1. Awww...cute as can be...I love how the little squares look like scrabble tiles. Love that snowflake background too. Sorry its taken me so long to comment but I was gone to my folks over the weekend and since they were having computer troubles, I was spending my spare time researching how to fix it. I think they are all fixed up now. They live too far away for me to handle their computer repairs...LOL

  2. Glad you like the snowflake background but it's one from DDE
    Dec. 2008 Idea Book and it's called Dandelion Dreams. No snowflakes.

  3. still looks like snowflakes to me...LOL..



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