January 30, 2009

Post 262

Got my heart wreath out today. As you can see we still have ice & snow. It is beautiful out all the ice makes the trees look like they are covered with diamonds but watch out when the wind blows because the ice starts flying. They are saying we may get more the first of the week. I hope not. Heart from Shabby Princess-background,stitching and staple from DDE-frame from Designer Digital.
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  1. You have such an imagination! I love how you did the heart in the snow and the leaf really adds to it. And you say you can't take photo's....you are SO wrong! Great image and great layout.

  2. I laid the wreath down to take a picture but with the + 1 compensation the red was awful. I guess that was what did it. Later I looked back out and the wind had blown this on it so I grab the camera aqain. It did make for a much more interesting shot. I didn't set this one up.



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