February 9, 2009

Post 263

My bananas were getting to ripe so I made this today. I only had 5 bananas so I threw in a couple of big spoons full of sour cream. It has a great flavor. Everything is from Yours Truly kit from Shabby Princess.

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  1. Humm...this looks so good. I picked up a loaf of banana bread at the Amish grocery the other day for Bill but it didn't look nearly as pretty as yours does. It looked like they had bake it a bit too brown but Bill said it was really good. I wondered if their wood stoves bake them browner or if they put something in it that turned it brown. You are doing much better at posting this year then I am. I just can't seem to get any shots worth posting.

    So you can add sour cream instead of the banana's? I didn't know this...can't you taste the sour cream? As you can tell, I'm not much of a cook. Now you got me wanting a piece of banana bread.

  2. It is good. Do you remember the recipe for Banana Bars that (I think) Brenda sent to the group? They had sour cream in them and they are so good so when I need a little moisture I thought of that. Didn't hurt it any and no you can't taste it.
    The Amish may have used brown sugar and that made them browner.

  3. I had to do a search to see if I had this bar recipe and I do but had never made it so didn't realize it took sour cream. My potato soup recipe calls for sour cream too. I made a huge pot on Wed. afternoon and it is SOOOO good. We have enough for supper again tonight and maybe lunch tomorrow. Bill and I can eat soup every day, we like it so much.
    The brown sugar would explain the darker color. I finally tried one piece but didn't care for it. It was too dry for one thing, and I couldn't really taste the banana's very well. I think I might make some bread or the banana bars this weekend.

  4. The banana bars are good good good!



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