February 25, 2009

Post 267

Second day in a row......Don't count on one tomorrow. Happened to see this as I was leaving today to go see Mother and yelled at Brent to take a picture for me. Do you think this is a sign that spring is in the air? I sure hope so. This has been the worst winter and I'm sick of it. I'm ready for some sun.
All the paper and the staples are from DDE. The frame,squares and sticker I did. Used a tutorial from Taylor Made for the idea.
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  1. Looks like its going to be one very colorful nest...LOL..we had spring yesterday. We made it up to 60 degrees and full sunshine. I worked all day without a coat and my shirt sleeves were rolled up. It's suppose to get in the 50's today with rain and then we return to the winter cold for the weekend. Since I plan on staying in all weekend, that is fine with me...LOL..
    Love your stickers and the addition of all your colorful squares. You are doing much better at posting this year then I am. I just can't get with it. First, I don't think my photos are good enough and second...I can't think of anyway to lay them out. Maybe this weekend, something will hit me.



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