February 23, 2009

Post 266

Just played around with this one today. The shot isn't to good but it's hard to get a good one of Jason. He generally is making a face at me and laughing. Everything is from Shabby Princess and a couple of brush sets from Scrap Girls.
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  1. I'm beginning to realize that boys just don't like to have their pictures taken. Gavin is really getting bad at giving me stupid faces or ducking out of sight. I have to bribe him for a good smile.
    I like this layout a lot. Love how you did the J and the addition of the cardboard. All of it is great!
    I'm staying in this weekend and giving my foot a break. So...maybe I can get a layout done.

  2. Glad you like it. Jason & Zach are both good at giving the stupid faces and Jess always blinks her eyes when the flash goes off. I just give up.....LOL

  3. A hint for Jesse...have her closes her eyes until you get ready to shoot. Then count to three and have her open them. You don't want to press the shutter button at the '3' count but a count later, just after she has opened her eyes. Or, you can put your camera setting on continuous and shoot 3 shots, one right after the other. I've been using this method with Randy and I can usually get one good shot. I don't have trouble with him blinking as long as I don't use the flash.



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