August 10, 2009

From my backyard.....

Just a few shots from my backyard. Nothing wonderful or spectacular and really not very good but this is how I relaxed for an hour or so Saturday evening. Good cup of coffee and my camera on the patio waiting for something to come along.
First one ....... Just a Squirrel
Second one ...... Cedar Waxwing ...... I couldn't see what it was until I put my camera on it.
Third one ...... Goldfinch ...... I almost didn't get this one. I was getting up to go inside (for more coffee) and it landed on a coneflower about a foot in front of me. Had a hard time getting my camera up, turned on, set and snapped without scaring it away and dang I chop his tail off.

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  1. Well, poppycock! Again I left a comment on this and it disappeared. I think I must have hit preview instead of post. It wasn't till you sent your message about posting that I came back and noticed my comment was invisible...LOL...I've only got to sit on the porch a couple times this year. I would like to sit out there this am but its nice and cool and I'm going to go paint on the garage before it gets hot. Maybe tomorrow I can sit...maybe in 2 1/2 years I can sit....and sit and sit...I wish I could retire now but I don't see that happening. I'm so afraid if I retire than Bill's health will bottom out. We are already fighting a sore on his toe but keeping it at bay. We are keeping the diabetes under pretty good control. It's harder in the summer time cause he can't resist an occasional ice cream cone.
    Nice shots.



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