August 30, 2009

Hydrangea August 2009

This is when I like this Hydrangea the most. I just love this combination of green and pinks together. I wish this plant would produce more blooms but usually I only get a couple. I'm going to try and root some of the branches and see if I can get some more started. I'm going to plant lots of Hydrangea's along the privacy fence.
The stick pin is by Christine Haskell.
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  1. Is this a special kind of Hydrangea? It's a very interesting color,not sure I have seen it before. I like any color except for blue and I think they look strange.
    This is a very nicely composed shot. Nice work.

  2. I used to know the name of this Hydrangea but have forgotten it. Look under the labels and select the Hydrangea. It will show you what it looks like when it first blooms. I just like the way it turns when it is fading. I like the Pee Gees and the lace caps but can't get my lace cap to bloom. It would probably help if I would quit pruning it back at the wrong time...LOL




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