March 11, 2010

More Spring

Brent had to take the first shot for me. I've been down in the back for several days, don't think I could get down for this angle on a good day. No way on a bad day. If I did I would still be laying there tomorrow.
These are so pretty. Wish they would stay forever.
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  1. These are so beautiful...makes me wish I had some planted some last fall. I tell myself I will in the Spring but by fall, I've forgotten all about them. Sorry to hear you are down in the back. That is the pits! The only sign of Spring that I've seen so far is the green grass. Because we have been covered with snow since the first of Dec. its still green underneath it. We have had rain ALL week and its still raining today. They keep promising us warmer weather and sunshine but its not happened yet. We went to KC last weekend and it was super nice down there....sun, warmth and no home around 5 on Sunday night and it was cloudy, cool and muddy. Ugh...I'm so sick of winter!!

  2. Glad your trip to KC was nice.
    I have even seen some Robins so it must be spring.

  3. I woke up this morning and could hear the birds singing! Spring has to see how long it last! LOL....they are calling for snow next Friday and according to the Farmers Almanac, we still have the biggest snowstorm to go.



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