March 20, 2010

Spring Robins

These little gals are sooooo fat! I needed to use the tripod cause the lighting was terrible but it was in the truck and I was in the house and I didn't want to scare them off. It's till snowing right now but not real heavy. Kansas City is getting hit really hard...last time I saw the weather they had over 8 inches and still coming down. I hope it slides past us! We have had more than our share for one season.
I started feeding the birds last fall and we are just now beginning to see a variety of them. We had tons of robins, one cardinal and one woodpecker this morning and tons of little chickadees. I love watching them! I need to get a book on Missouri birds and learn how and what to feed them so I can get some different ones. My sister in law has Orioles and they are so beautiful!
This is a kit called Spring Breeze by Michelle Shefveland and I got it from Scrappers Guide.
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  1. I came on to post one and found this cute thing.
    I'll wait until tomorrow to post mine.
    I've seen several of these but haven't had the camera in my hands.
    It's 68° here right now and we have the screen door open in the sun room. Would you believe
    I'm taking a cold. Made it through the winter and as soon as it gets warm I get sick. Got up
    with a sore throat this morning and it not getting any better.
    Nice work on this image. Like how you got down on the Robin's level.

  2. LOL....I didn't get down at all....took through the back door window, standing up! I just cropped in close to it. We didn't get anymore snow and it warmed up enough to clear the streets. We woke up to sunshine but its only suppose to get to the upper 30's today. It will melt some but not all. I haven't seen the robins today but a nasty bluejay found the feeder and now my little guys are being chased off.
    Wow! 68? I'd give anything to see that much warmth....suppose to be in the 50's this week but with rain coming back on Thurs.
    I usually always catch a cold after the winter weather is over...not sure why.
    Hope you get to feeling better!
    My BIL called yesterday afternoon...they were bored, so we ended up going to a small town east of here to a bar. I'm always their DD! I don't mind as long as it doesn't happen to often or we stay out too late. I think it was 11 when we got home.

  3. OK....then nice crop.
    Feel worse today.
    Runny nose,sneezing,coughing,headache and throat still sore. I'm going to go watch the basketball game and drink some tea....Wish I had a piece of Ginger to make some nice Ginger Tea with but I don't.



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