January 22, 2011


Brent brought this Poinsettia home to me from the Lion's club Christmas dinner and I haven't killed it yet.
It looked so pretty today with the sun shining so bright and the snow outside that I had to take a snap.
Can't decide which one I like best.....Nothing done on the first one......the second ran a vintage action then tweaked a little. Which do you like????
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  1. Lol....our minds think alike even when we are miles and miles apart! I had just mentioned to Bill that I needed to take a pic of my poinsettias. Lowes had them on sale on Black Friday and I picked up 2 of them for 98¢ each. They are still blooming beautifully! I usually kill them before I get them home...

    Anyway, I like both of these pics. I love bright colors so the bright red really stands out to me but I also like how the muted shade changes the red to pink.

    We now have over a foot of snow on the ground! I'm so tired of this winter....I really thought we had paid our dues last winter but guess not. We got 5 inches on Wed. on top of the 2 inches we still had and then last night we got another 8 inches. Lets see...I believe that would be 15 inches! Ugh...

  2. By Thurs. of this week most of our 4 or so inches of snow had melted and the we got about 5 or 6 Thurs. evening and I think we are getting more tomorrow evening....Hope it's not your 8. I'm really sick of it when it snows I stay home. Have only been out 1 time by myself since Christmas. Starting to get cabin fever.



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