January 27, 2011

Thinking about Valentine's Day

Starting to think about what to do for Valentine's Day for the Grands. Hope I can come up with something cute this year. Haven't done to good for a couple of years.
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  1. Sorry its taken me so long to respond to this. I've had one miserable weekend. Came home on Friday night with stomach flu....I still don't have much strength...just spent the day sitting here. I hope I never get that sick again as long as I live! Ugh..

    This is a great image! Love how you took it and it reminded me to get my butt in gear and get Gavin's stuff done. Just didn't feel like it this weekend. Big snow coming in tonight...I'm so tired of winter!

  2. Sorry to hear you have been sick.I haven't had the flu for a couple of years....Knock on Wood...Hope you get to feeling better soon.
    Glad you like the image. I think it's a bit over sharpened. I still use the same action to resize and sharpen for the web and I generally use my history to back the sharpening off but I forgot to on this one.
    Most of our snow is gone. Can still see a little in spots but we have a bad week coming up,so I quess it will be white again.

    Take Care.

  3. It doesn't look over sharp to me. Nice and crisp!

    I'm feeling better this morning but not looking forward to working this week. So far, its only cold and windy but snow is to be moving in by late afternoon. Just about 60 miles south of us, they are getting freezing rain so I've got my fingers crossed that we don't get that. But...they are calling for 8 to 12 inches of snow with high winds from this evening to Wed. morning. I hate working in the snow but really dread working in it when its coming down. The last big snow we got came on Sat. and Sunday so most of the highways were cleared and some gravels by Monday morning but with it coming during the day/week, its miserable. If only big brown thought of their people as much as they do their precious packages! No, they won't call off and they will expect us to stay out there until we get as much off as we can. I said I wanted my last year to go by slow but forget that...I want this winter OVER! Now! LOL...

    I've always taken a flu shot but guess none of the shots keep you from getting the stomach flu. I hadn't had the flu for a long time. And hope it's a long time before I get it again!

    I lost 4 pounds, which I could stand to lose but I'm sure it was just water. I've never taken a glass of water with me to bed, but I did that night cause I was dry as a bone!

    We only melted enough snow to start seeing the top of my flower beds....still have about 4 inches on the ground and the drifts are still around a foot. If we get more, we won't be able to find the flower beds until June!

  4. We didn't get any of the ice storm last night....how about you.

  5. LOL....ice, 13 inches of snow and 30 mph winds.....its coming to you next! I gave up at 2:30 this afternoon and came home. Boss isn't happy but I didn't really care.

  6. That's strange....got email with your comment but it's not showing here.
    We have only gotten rain so far today the strong winds are suppose to start over night.
    Have no idea what we will get up to.



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