February 3, 2011

Blizzard 2011

This has been one active winter since Christmas got over.  For the first time in 27 years, I had the day off due to weather.  The post office was off because their freight didn't come in either.  Today I drove through tunnels of snow...just wide enough for my package car to fit and just barely able to see over the tops of the piles.  Heaven forbid I meet anyone on those roads....one of us would be backing up!  The first image is of my bench and the snow is up to the bottom of the seat.  In the second image, you have to remember that my flower box is 2 feet tall and then the flower bed in front of the porch is another foot taller than that.  Notice that only half of my pump is sticking out. I have drifts on the north side of my house that reach 5 feet and my side front yard is now completely level with the rest of my front yard when in reality, its about 3 feet lower. 

The next two images were taken back about 2 weeks ago.  This is the second time we've had hoar frost since Christmas and its always so beautiful!  Of course, that building is almost one of my favorite sites to photograph so I couldn't pass it up again.  But, I was on my way to work, so it was just taken out of my car window.  Makes me think I should buy a window tripod..

And that lovely family in the bottom pic...they are some of my wonderful customers!  They have cold hands but very warm hearts!

If I have time tomorrow, I'll try and get a shot of some of my tunnels of snow...unless I don't have to drive through them.
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  1. Wow....It's beautiful to look at out the window as long as you don't have to be out in it and I'm sorry that you have to. We've had a few like that around here but not this year. All we got out of this round was just a dusting,but not sure what is coming next.
    That 3rd shot is fantastic....Is that a Shil?
    I can see why it's your favorite.

  2. We've got snow coming in tonight, tomorrow and then again on Tuesday....

    Thank you for the kudos. I'm not real sure what the structure is...probably a silo but I'm not real sure. I just know I've always liked it.

  3. I really do know how to spell silo......LOL
    and I have a spell checker that I can use when I post. Must have forgot to use it.



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