February 8, 2011


MCP Project 52 theme for this week is"Words". This is my take. Wish the words at the top was a little more out of focus but I take what I get.  This dictionary is around 35 years or so old and both of my kids used it all through school. It no longer has a back on and it's so big and heavy and with spell checker I hardly ever get it out anymore. Maybe I should....LOL
It snowed so hard at times today I couldn't see the house across the street but luckily it didn't last long. We only got about an inch or so. It's now going to turn bitter cold. I'm ready for spring.
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  1. Nice shot. I haven't had the camera out of its bag since the snowstorm. We were bitter, bitter cold today...didn't get past 5 degrees and more the same tomorrow but a warm up is on its way this weekend. I can't wait!

  2. Thanks.
    I wasn't getting the camera out much either. At least with now I get it out one time every week.



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