February 14, 2011

From the Grands

Our new refrigerator magnets that came in the Valentine cards from the Grands. Love them!
Also used it for my Project 52  week 7 theme....Open Your Heart.

Happy Valentine's Day to You!
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  1. Cute, cute, cute! The kids took us out for supper on Sat. night. Gavin was here on Sat. afternoon and we made his valentine box for school. I forgot to take a pic of it. It was a high rise building with spider man made out of pipe cleaners hanging off of it. Turned out pretty cute. Gavin made the first Spider man and then mom made the second one. It was funny cause Gavin stated that mom's man made his look pretty sickly....LOL...
    We are warming up and the snow is melting. There is still lots of snow but at least we can begin to see some ground in the lower spots.

  2. Thanks....We had KFC for dinner on Valentine's Day...Just fine by me I didn't have to fix it.
    We went out to dinner Sunday night with my sorority girls and husbands fun evening.
    We had 1 pile out front from all the shoveling that has finally melted and today is a beautiful day sunny and warm.
    Taking a day trip to the Ohio Amish with my sister on Thur. Can't wait....I've been in this house to long this winter.



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