February 27, 2011

Birthday Card

This card has taken me 2 weekends to complete...LOL....mostly just trying to come up with an card I could make with my supplies and equipment.  I got the card idea from someones blog and for the life of me, I can't find the address again.  If I find it, I will edit this and post a link to it.   Anyway, the cardstock, ribbon, and buttons are from Papertrey Ink  and the label cut file is from Birds Blog 

I broke the label apart in my Sure Cuts a Lot program and cut it out on copy paper so I would have a template to add my saying and the clipart that I got from this site.

Something is going strange with this blog....my cursor keeps wanting me to center my text.  Hummmm...

I printed my sentiment and the floral design on Column paper from Neenah that I had left over from Jerri Ann's wedding.  Then I cut out my label from cheap paper and left the paper on the cutting mat until I got the printed copy situated underneath of the cutout so that I could run it back through my Cricut to cut it out.  It worked great!  I made the scallops myself and cut them with the Cricut but I bought the paper for them and the background from Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals.  The dictionary page paper came from 2 Peas. 
I think that is all of it....LOL

My image didn't come out as nice as the card is.  The blue is a bit off in the image..its a little lighter shade of blue.  Bill liked it a lot!  Maybe he was just saying that to get me out of the craft room...LOL

My cards would be so much easier to make if I had the time to sit down and really learn my equipment and software.  The Cricut has me pulling my hair out most of the time and PS is almost as bad!  

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  1. Mary this is beautiful.. You did a really great job with this card. I love the way you added the scallops. It takes me forever to make a card but I find those are the prettiest of all. Great job.

  2. Oh, wow...thank you soooo much, Dawn...I have your blog on my toolbar so I can check your lovely post every morning and having you comment on our blog has made my day! I wish I could say the design was mine but I can't design anything....I just copy. I don't have any stamps and very, very few dies so I have to work with my Cricut and software to come up with alternative ways to make the project. I've spent the past 2 hours trying, in vain, to find the original artist of the card. I had saved it to my 'inspiration' folder and there is no name in the file or on the image. If I ever come across it again, I'll post the link. Her's is much prettier than mine is.

  3. This is one great card. You are always so busy I don't know how you find the time to do something like this. You have way more patience then I do.
    Don't quit understand how you did it all but it's far prettier than any you can buy.
    I like the stand you used to hold the card and is that backdrop scrapbook paper?
    Is this card for Bill? Who ever gets it is I hope they appreciate all the hard work you put into it.
    I still haven't used my Silhouette machine yet.

  4. Thank you! It takes me forever to come up with a card I want to 'borrow' and then even more time to get it completed. This card is for my mother's birthday in March and I'm cheating and have already cut out another card to make for my mother-in-law...lucky for me, they live miles apart...LOL..they will never know that they both got the same card!

    Yes, the background is scrapbook paper that is still attached to the pad....the white at the bottom is the backside of another sheet. I put a table in front of the freezer to work on and just used it to take the shot. The stand is one I picked up a long time ago to hold a picture on my buffet. It seemed to work good for the card too...
    I'm never really sure anyone appreciates the work I put into things...I know when I was making the gift bags, they were just kind of tossed aside. Unless, I personalized them, I don't think most folks even knew they were handmade. I just like doing them, especially the cards. Someday, I'm going to start purchasing the Copic markers and start learning how to color my cards. Just too expensive to buy now and not be able to use them much.

    My only complaint with the Cricut was not being able to print an image and then have the machine cut it out. Most folks use stamps to add their sentiment but, since I use my computer, I had to come up with a way to get the sentiment printed on the tag. I figured out if I cut my tag first and left it on the mat, then I could print my sentiment on my good stock and just add it under the paper that had the tag cut out from...Then I just pulled the 'template' off and re-cut the tag and my sentiment was right in the middle of it. I know I'm not explaining this very good. Does your Silhouette have a sticky mat that you stick your paper to when you cut it?

  5. I like your 'borrow' comment.
    I wish I was good at coming up with my own ideas but I'm not. I do find that if I start with a borrowed idea I soon put my own spin on it.
    My partner from when I had a cross stitch shop now teaches a card making class at the church she attends. Have thought about taking some but don't want to get all the supplies.

    Yes the Silhouette has a sticky mat.



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