February 25, 2011


I've never won anything but my luck changed on this.  On our local channel 9 news, they give away tickets to the 9th caller.  I was sitting here watching the news and happened to have my cell phone in my pocket.  I never dreamed I would be the ninth caller cause I just instantly dialed the number.  When he told me I had won, I was truly shocked.  This concert is during Bill's busy time, so Jerri Ann and I are going to go.

Our dry, brown ground is all gone again.  We got about 6 inches last night and due to get about 4 more tonight.  I'm so sick of white!!

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  1. Lucky you....on winning the tickets not the more snow. We are getting the rain now with floods all over the place.
    My Crocuses are up so that means spring is not to far off.
    This is a good shot....Like the compostion.

  2. I just looked out again and it's snowing here now. It won't amount to anything.

  3. Sorry to hear you are getting floods. I just want some dry, bare ground...LOL...the roads cleared off today but the gravels are still non-passable. I did get all my boxes off today but did lots of indirecting to get it done. Even brought one home with me and will deliver it to her in the morning at our grocery store.

    I took a few shots of a robin in my crabapple tree this morning but hit the delete key on them after unloading. I was trying to shoot it from inside the window and it didn't turn out very good. He/she looked so cold sitting in that tree covered with snow and her/his expression was saying, "What the hell? I thought it was Spring!!!" LOL..

    I walked around the gardens a bit last weekend but nothing is coming up yet...glad of that cause I think we are still going to have a bit more winter weather before its all said and done.

  4. I deleted my robin shots too....shots from inside don't always work.

  5. You lucky duck.. I love him.. Congrats. It is so dry here in NC. We need rain. BADLY.. any moisture would be wonderful.

  6. I did feel pretty lucky and my daughter was in second heaven when she found out my better half couldn't go.

    I wish I could send you some of our moisture....we have 6 inches of snow on the ground and its pouring rain right now...We are flooding out and you are drying up...something is wrong with this picture.



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