March 23, 2011

The new Craft desk

Well, here it is...finally complete.  I gave the top 6 coats of black paint!  I need one more shelf to hold the rest of my ribbon.  As you can see, the bookcases work great for putting my machines on and keeping them within easy reach when I need them.  The other bookcase holds some of my nice paper from Papertrey.  I love their paper, its so nicely colored and a great thickness for cards. I made the desk so I can stand at it if I want or sit but my computer chair doesn't quite raise high enough.  I'm going to look for a bar stool chair.  Now to get more of my craft stuff moved out to this room.  I get tired of going to the hall closet to get stuff and then having to put it all back when I get done.  I want to put my most used stuff in that little desk under the window.  If the heat register hadn't been so long under that window, I would have been able to leave the top the same height as the door but as it was, I had to cut the door down by about a foot.  But, its still much bigger than the little desk I had there  so I should have a lot more space to work.

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  1. Looks good....I'm sure you are going to crank out some good looking cards and craft projects in this space.
    Nice work and nice image.

  2. I also have my computer desk done this way Mary. Makes for a nice work space at a thrifty price. I have been thinking of redoing mine, just have not come up with a solid plan for it yet.

  3. I am just bopping in every chance I get to read more and look at more pics. Your hit counter is probably going crazy. lol I have spurts of time on the puter which consist of 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there. Not enough time to get into a project but I love reading and looking at pics so your blog is filling the spot for me today.

  4. nice desk wish I had one like that



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